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What / Where I Ate - The Buzz Cafe

During our trip to Bohol last April, we have the chance to visit the province's only city, Tagbilaran City.  It is a one-hour travel ride from my parents' town if transporting with a private vehicle but via buses, it usually takes about 30 minutes more.

Bohol is the home of beautiful beaches especially located on the island named Panglao, and which can be traveled around 20 minutes from Tagbilaran City.  Among the numerous resorts in Panglao there is this nature-inspired resort, one of its kind, the Bohol Bee Farm in Dao, Dauis Panglao Island.  This resort offers anything natural and organic even with the array of food choices in the menu of the resort's restaurant.

Bohol Bee Farm extended its organic, healthy concept in the city by putting up a restaurant in one of the malls in Tagbilaran.

The Buzz Cafe is situated on the upper ground level of the Island City Mall.

The restaurant offer a menu for the health and wellness buff and for those who crave for anything organic and natural.

The table setting at the restaurant is so homey.  They serve appetizers for free while waiting for the food to be served.

In the cafe, they also sell breads and anything made of natural, organic ingredients from their farm.

Our food consisted of rice, viand, vegetables, fruits and Flowers!  

And not to forget to give a special mention about the rice, it is pinkish-red and definitely organic.  My parents are of Bohol origin so they really love this kind of rice.  Well, it doesn't work for me, I am more of the brown rice type, and of course, who doesn't love white rice!

Our choice of drinks which I thought was non-alcoholic cocktails since I asked the lady who asked for our order, if those cocktails are non-alcoholic and she said yes.  Sad to say, these two are alcoholic, too late to blame the lady and too bad we consumed it all with heavy heads after the meal.

We also ordered their Lasagna served with three loaves of healthy bread.  They have an ice cream corner too.  Though I haven't tasted any of their flavors, maybe next time.

My over-all restaurant rating (10 as highest) = initially is it 6 because food is just ok, nothing really special and didn't impress me that much; ambience is ok even when the extension (the tables and chairs) are placed along the aisle but with "fences" and passers-by may tend to look at the people (that included us) eating in the restaurant; service is not that oh so good as the lady did not properly give us the right information (remember the alcoholic cocktail) that we really needed which led to a not so good experience of mine, after dining. It is important to mention though that the staff was nice enough to accommodate all our requests after "the incident" .  So my final rating is actually 8 because of the service rendered by the staff, which is a bonus to my restaurant rating and review.

Eat good food and Live in style, everyday!


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