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Kublai Millan

the  h o t el - g a l l e r y :

Ponce Suites 
is located at Corner Roads 3 & 4 Doña Vicenta Village, Bajada, Davao City.

How I find out about this hotel?
  I was in search for places to stay for our trip in Davao and when I clicked on the link to the suite, I was astounded with all the optical grandeur.  From then on, my excitement never stopped till the day we arrived at the lobby of the hotel-gallery.  The place was far better from the pictures that were posted on their website.  Aside from the outrageous virtual masterpieces in and out of the hotel gallery, what I liked about the place is that Ponce Suite is situated in a peaceful, safe, quite village, so unlikely right?  It is indeed a must-see for art lovers like me.   It did quench my craving for the arts.

the  a r t i s t:

Kublai Ponce-Millan,
who created all these giant works, was born on July 8, 1974 in Cotabato City. He finished schooling at the University of the Philippines with a degree of Fine Arts. After which, he dedicated his life back in Mindanao, sculpting the culture from which, where which he grew up, as a human being and as a soul. The massive pieces magnify calm, passion and grief proportonately in the stone-grain finish accomplished with the five-year technique developed through various weathers accompaning their inceptions and growth, from steel and wiremesh underpinnings above and below ground, to the finishing of the last detail of the gesturing hand.

more about the artist on this link: kublai millan
my  s n a p s h o t s:
 these are just a few of the many shots I have taken, Kublai's creations overwhelmed me

Welcome to Ponce Suites! 

the lobby

the ceiling at the lobby

the artist's manifesto

a few of his paintings

his 3-dimensional artwork

staircase leading to the second floor are filled with mementos and graffiti

artworks filled the walls of the second floor

another form of his art

second floor hallway

metallic art and the use of real human hair are a few of his creative experimentations
this staircase leads to the third floor of the hotel

a great manifestation of his faith, as seen on one of the walls at the third floor

fluid humanity

these heads greets you upon entering a cafe on the rooftop 

at the rooftop

outside the hotel-gallery is wrapped with gigantic golden sculptures, here's a few of them

the famous durian

the hotel's neighborhood is filled also with Kublai's structures

and this is the humble beginnings of a grand masterpiece

More power Kublai Millan!

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