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Social Media Gathering for the Launching of the Pinoy Grand Dinner Buffet at KISH MISH

Fusion restaurants are common here in Doha, Qatar probably due to the fairly large number of expatriates than the locals.  The increasing figures of multicultural residents is good for any F&B businesses to establish a restaurant that can cater to not just one nationality but to at least two or more.

KISH MISH is one of the many casual dining restaurants in the city, strategically located along Ibn Seena Street in Al Muntazah with a fusion cuisine concept.  It offers a delish miscellany of Indian and Filipino cuisines.

Last Wednesday, November 22, 2017, I was invited to be a part of a social media gathering at KISH MISH thru Melanie of Let's Get Laud.  The said event was for the launching of the Pinoy Grand Dinner Buffet together with social media people ranging from bloggers, vloggers and Instagram-mers.  

Below was the Menu for the dinner buffet.  The menu offered a complete course sequence: starters / appetizers, soup, salad, main course, and the desserts.  

The photos below were the different dishes served for the launching and for all of us to gustatorily enjoy.

Presented on this table were the starters/appetizers and the varied types of vegetable salads.

Photos above and below were the appetizers: 

The next three photos were the vegetable salads:



 the condiments: chili vinegar and ketchup

 The MUSHROOM SOUP, which I missed to taste since I was busy with the salads and the main courses.

Let's move on now to the dishes of the Main Course set:

 The STEAMED WHITE RICE must be present in every Filipino meal.  This is the staple food of the Filipinos.






And this filled plate was mine!  I got everything on one plate in small servings.  I am impressed with the menu of KISH MISH for their buffet since it offers a complete meal that is scientifically required by the body.  It supplemented the "Go"  (protein-rich meat obtained from the fish, beef, chicken), "Grow" (rice, pancit) and  "Glow" foods (vegetables, fruits from the desserts) needed by the body.  What is more impressive is the price, just 29 Qatar Riyals!

And the last but the most exciting part of the meal: Desserts!




Here are my favorites from the menu: 
Ensaladang Talong, Sweet & Sour Fish, Chopsuey, Classic Fried Chicken and Baked Yogurt (the new addition to their line-up of desserts).

Aside from the repleting, palatable meal, the event was a good avenue to meet online friends in real life. The night became also a meet-and-greet session for all of us.  The guests were a mixed of different personalities from famed social media sites: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Blogger.  And seeing the list of attendees below, I was the only blogger then.

Pictured L-R, click the highlighted names for the links to their social media accounts:
Jann of JannEarl TV (vlogger) with wife Leah of ilushes (IG) in purple shirt, they are also called #TeamPereira; 
Susana of  habiba_susana (IG) and What's UP in Qatar (FB page);
Glenda of stunningleng (IG)
Dennis of Densio TV (vlogger); densiotv (IG);
Melanie of Let's GET LAUD (vlogger),  lets.get.laud (IG) and Let's Get Laud (FB page)
Dianne of Dianne Buscaino (vlogger); diannebuscaino (IG)

Special thanks to Mr. Rihan Hamid for the invitation.  

KISH MISH is located along Ibn Seena Street, Al Muntazah, Doha, Qatar. 
Opens everyday from 7:00 am - 11:00 pm

For reservations and deliveries:
You can contact them at these numbers: 44516110 and 33399245

For deliveries you can also order via and

Eat good food, every day!


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