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Tea and Coffee Brewer from THE BREW COMPANY QATAR

To kick-start our day, we usually depend on a warm cup of brewed coffee or a sip of our favorite hot tea.  But this set-up is normally done at home. And how about waking up realizing you are far away from home, either you are on vacation or rendering overtime work at the office and home-made brewing is impossible?  Now, that is a dilemma brilliantly addressed by THE BREW COMPANY!

Having keenly observed the hectic lifestyle of the current generations and responsive to the predicaments caused by such fast-paced life, THE BREW COMPANY have arrived at the most innovative and groundbreaking solution with the big "QC" in mind: "Q" for Quality and "C" for Convenience.

Out of desperation, arises a glorious ingenuity, as successfully experienced by the innovator and founder of GROWER'S CUPUlrik Skovgaard Rasmussen.  That infuriating and challenging situation which happened fifteen years ago have resulted in a marvelous product development revolution in the field of beverages.

Offering both tea and coffee in a resealable stand-up-pouch with a spout, these products are manufactured in Denmark and now exclusively distributed here in Doha by The Brew Company Qatar.  They offer 11 types of Organic Tea and Organic Coffee brewers.

Packaging-wise, the clean, streamlined and convenient appearance makes one think this item sure costs a lot.  But being priced at 8 QAR for both tea and coffee brewer, it sure does not hurt the pocket that much especially when knowing the pros and benefits of the product - from the purity of its content to the reusability of its packaging.

Let us start off with the tea with the brand name: The TEABREWER.  

We normally prepare our tea using the tea bags from our favorite brands of tea and with hot water.  With the tea brewer from GROWER'S CUP, you will still need that boiling water.  However, what makes this innovation more novel is that you can re-brew it 2-4 times!  How economical!  One preparation of 400 mL from this tea brewer can actually be shared for two.

The packaging offers not just convenience and vivid display of artistry in its front label, but it also provides clear and concise instructions on how to correctly use the product and how to maximize its consumption.  Simply follow the informative text of the back label for optimum pleasurable experience with the product.

When poured into your desired drinking cup or glass, the aroma of the freshly brewed tea satiates your sense of smell.  A mix of fruit and berries are indeed evident by a whiff of the freshly brewed Tasty Berry tea.

If you dislike your tea in warm temperature, why not put some ice on it to suit your craving for tasty, colder tea?  I did that and poured it into a wine glass.  The tea's saturated color can actually be mistaken for a wine.  Taste-wise, strong and acceptably acrid yet truly fruity and very berry.  

The tea from The TeaBrewer is a healthier option with the following opportune claims that best suits for today's wellness needs:
ORGANIC & NATURAL / NO Artificial Flavorings / NO Sugar / NO Sweetener

Aside from tea, The Brew Company offers coffee too, with varied sources coming from the world's largest and highest quality coffee producers, to name a few: from Brazil and from Colombia

The brand name of the coffee under Grower's Cup is The COFFEEBREWER.

As mentioned earlier, what makes this product remarkably innovative is its modern packaging features that highly considers the human practical and economical necessities: easy to use and reusable.  With minimal and rudimentary instructions of (1) Open, (2) Brew and (3) Serve, it saves time and reduces energy expenditure.  And the fact that one can also utilize the resealable stand-up-pouch again by simply emptying the contents, rinsing the pouch and refilling it with your new coffee granules; this certainly ensures that the product is truly environment-friendly and the company advocates to save mother Earth.

After brewing it at the 300 mL level, the hot coffee that was decanted out from its pouch remained true to its claims: hand roasted and gourmet.  The aroma of roasted coffee with obvious hints of having clean notes of 100% coffee have evenly diffused into my sense of smell.  The aromatic scent sends a signal to my brain telling me this is  REAL COFFEE and not instant.  The coffee tasted delicately gourmet with a tolerable bitter aftertaste.

The TEABREWER and The COFFEEBREWER, which are exclusively distributed by THE BREW COMPANY QATAR, are available now at the different supermarkets here in Doha, Qatar: Lulu Hypermarket, Carrefour, Spinneys and Family Food Center.

You can also send a direct message to THE BREW COMPANY QATAR's social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram to get the products delivered to your doorsteps.

Follow THE BREW COMPANY QATAR social media accounts:

Facebook Page - Brew Company Qatar

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Special thanks to The Brew Company Qatar for sharing me this organic tea and organic coffee brewers to experience healthful, gourmet tea and coffee anytime, anywhere!


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