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Something Chinese in Cebu City, Philippines: MAJESTIC

I  have learned to love Chinese cuisine since my elementary years with noodles, siomai and dimsum in the top 3 list.  And it was too late for us to dine in one of the Chinese restaurants in the city, with its first branch at Ayala Center Cebu, which has been known for its delectable and affordable Chinese dishes.  
Have you been to MAJESTIC Restaurant?

With its opening at SM Seaside City, we were now given the best chance to have a taste of something MAJESTIC.

Let's now see the foods that we ordered.  
One best way to make most of your spending for a restaurant meal is to always ask for the best sellers, especially if it is your first time to dine with their restaurant.

For the soup, one of the restaurant's best seller is BIRD'S NEST WITH QUAIL EGG SOUP - Php 165.00.
Food Taste + Serving Size + Price Rating = 9 of 10

STEAMED WHITE RICE is always a staple food in every Filipino meal.
Price for one serving of rice white rice is PhP 60.00 (quite pricey, can the price of rice in restaurants be regulated, DTI?)

For our dimsum dish, we ordered:

Food Taste + Serving Size + Price Rating = 10 of 10
3 pieces cost PhP 90.00

 My forever food buddy and I never expected that PATATIM WITH BREAD (regular) - PhP 465.00 is remarkably delectable!  Not to mention, the perfected crispiness and taste of fried bread that goes with it 
Food Taste + Serving Size + Price Rating = 8.5 of 10 (i find it quite pricey for its serving size)

Another main course is the SPICY GARLIC SPARE RIBS - PhP 240.00.  
Food Taste + Serving Size + Price Rating = 9 of 10
F.Y.I. - the spare ribs is another signature ingredient for Chinese cuisine.

 Fresh fruit  juice and shake for our cold refreshments:
Glass of CITRUS GREEN TEA - PhP 60.00 and BANANA SHAKE - PhP 69.00

You can check the complete menu from Zomato, HERE.

My overall rating:
Food + Ambiance + Services = 8 of 10 
Rating is mostly for the food selection and taste.
Restaurant space, especially eating space, is quite cramped and it appealed to me that the ambiance was not well-lighted even thought we were near the glass walls and with a view that is overlooking the ocean.

This particular branch of MAJESTIC Restaurant is located at the 2nd Floor, Cube Wing SM Seaside City.

Eat good food, everyday!


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