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Food Delivery: Son-Gohan Onigirazu

Food Delivery has been one habit we have practiced with my officemates at work (then) mostly for lunch time.  We were eager to try new food concepts from budding restaurateurs. We loved Japanese, Korean and of course Filipino dishes.  One time we opted for something Japanese and selected SON-GOHAN Onigirazu.

What is  O N I G I R  A Z U ?

Onigirazu (prounounced “oh-knee-ghee-rah-zoo”) is a cousin of onigiri. The differences can be explained in the meanings of the names. Nigiru, which is the foot of the word onigiri, means “to compress or squeeze.” -- via the internet

Order No. 1:  BUTA KIMCHI Japanese Rice Sandwich

BUTA KIMCHI is the Japanese version of Korean's Pork + Kimchi combination.  In Korea, they call it Jaeyook Bokkeum.

I was surprised that the rice sandwiches were quite full and chubby looking than I imagined.  Slicing it into two halves revealed the scrumptious mix of the white steamed rice, pork and the KIMCHI!

Food Rating: Taste + Combination of Ingredients + Size + Price = of 10

Order No. 2:  TUNA WASABI MAYO Japanese Rice Sandwich

I have learned to love the taste of WASABI for quite sometime now, especially the fresh, pure and "authentic" wasabi pastes.  I am also fond of tuna and even have several homemade recipes with tuna as the main ingredient. See HERE for one of my recipes I mentioned.  But when it comes to mayonnaise, I am not into it.

Food Rating: Taste + Combination of Ingredients + Size + Price = 6.5 of 10

Low rating is basically due to my adversity with mayonnaise which have highly affected my taste judgment. Also, the Wasabi content was too tolerable, meaning they may have put in quite a little (in comparison to my tolerance level) though in consideration for other individuals who may also dislike the taste of more wasabi into their food.

If I have to choose between the two rice sandwich variants, I will definitely re-order for the BUTA KIMCHI mainly because of the spiciness of the kimchi and overall taste including the seaweed made it interestingly worth for a second try.

You can order SON-GOHAN's Japanese rice sandwiches at the contact information below:

Landline Number:   032-3168838
Cellphone Number:   0917-6215550

Eat good food, everyday!


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