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What / Where I Are - King One Rotary Hot Pot

Blogging another buffet restaurant from the city of Mandaue.  
The restaurant's concept is a fusion of unlimited shabu-shabu + rotary hot pot + a multi-cuisine eat-all-you-can dishes.

Have you been to KING ONE ROTARY HOT POT?
It is located at City Time Square, Mantawi Ave., North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu

Open today · 11:30AM–3PM,5:30–11PM

This area is the heart of the restaurant, where ingredients for the hot pot endlessly rotated and are countlessly refilled by the chef on guard on the open kitchen.

  The restaurant was quite spacious and I was impressed with the layout of the food sections and the eating spaces.

Since we were one of the first group of customers to arrive, we were able to choose a table and seats just beside the rotating food ingredients.  So convenient!  I was ready to somehow "play".

It's cooking time!

Since there were two hot pots in our table, we had to choose two kinds of soup base.  My first choice was my favorite TOM YUM SOUP, see above, and the other one is SATAY SOUP, see photo below.

The unlimited beef choices.

Then it was time to tour around the wide array of food choices for the buffet.  Pictured on top are the various appetizers.

Rice is never absent as pictured above, there are soups too as captured below.

Chinese dishes were served too.

Bottomless drinks!

 Unlimited fresh fruits!

 There were stations for limitless scoops of ice cream and make-your-own Halo-Halo!

  A chiller filled with a motley of single-serving desserts.

And a station for kiddies with a table of overflowing assortment of sweets.

 Here are some photos of the foods that I ate - Sushi and some desserts.

My overall rating for the buffet restaurant (food choices + ambiance + services + value for money) is 9 of 10.

Let's eat good food, everyday!


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