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Sweets Moment: Maitre Chocolatier Boutique Cafe

Chocolates, who doesn't love and crave for these sweet treats?  
A visit to a chocolate boutique cafe is the paramount remedy to satisfy my sweet tooth.

MAITRE CHOCOLATIER is the first chocolate boutique cafe in the Philippines with only 3 branches nationwide with one branch for each major island group of the county; one in Metro Manila for Luzon, one in Cebu City for Visayas and one in Davao City for Mindanao.

 "only the best chocolate haven for all chocoholics!"

 Found an interesting page on their menu that talked about the major source of chocolate, its history, geographical abundance and the number of benefits for the body.

This was my order: 

 I can't get enough of this chocolate cake because it looks too photogenic.  I captured it at different angles, on top is the side view, below is the back view and further below is the top view.

 This cake is called GOLDEN EUPHORIA. It is a Ferrero Hazelnut Crunch Cake.  It is baked with chocolate hazelnut mousse on a velvety chocolate sponge cake topped with Ferrero Hazelnut.

My rating for the cake is 7 of 10.

 My choice of drink is the usual cold smoothie and my forever food buddy always opted for something warm on the throat and stomach, he ordered for the SPICY HOT CHOCOLATE DRINK. My rating for the ICE BLENDED KAHLUA CHOCOLATE DRINK is 7 of 10.

Captured below is my unexpected discovery, which landed on my list of favorite food & drinks: SPICY HOT CHOCOLATE DRINK.  Rating: 10 of 10!

My overall rating: 
food (basing our orders) + ambiance + services + value for money = 8.5 of 10.

Location in Cebu:

101, Level 1, The Terraces Ayala Cebu, 
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

Tel: (032) 2387116 / (+63) 9228854106


Opening Hours:

Mondays to Sundays 
11AM to 11PM

Eat good food, everyday!


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