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My Kitchen Adventures (with my sister): Episode 3 - Alphabet Pasta

A is for Alphabet, P is for pasta!

Yes, Pasta!  The main dish for our dinner.  The foods above made up our humbling dinner which was good for some dieting that I needed though.  My sister planned for this dinner and she was the chief cook that night too.

 We named this dish as A-B-C PASTA ALA MAY (f.y.i - May is my sister's nickname). 

The main ingredient:
 The pack of pasta that I bought from Hong Kong but was actually made in Italy.
It was the first time that I saw a unique form of pasta, so I did not hesitate buying it.

 The other equally important ingredient  is the red sauce with ground pork and sliced veggies.  The molten cheese as the perfect garnishing. 

 Can you locate the letter"B"?

 We enjoyed looking for the letters of our names.  We sort of played a game as to who can form her / his own name.  Well, I did not win though. With 5-letters from my name to dig into hundreds of alphabet pasta,  indeed a tough competition, huh?

Eat good food, everyday!


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