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What / Where I Ate - Hukad sa Golden Cowrie

Filipino dishes are one of my favorite foods, primarily because I was born and raised as a Filipino and my taste buds are accustomed to almost all kinds Filipino foods from the Central Visayas area.

Can you guess the name of the restaurant just by looking at their logo?

We dined at HUKAD sa Golden Cowrie!  
See the photogenic Filipino dishes I captured during our weekend family eat out at the restaurant.

 Different angles of the sumptuous soup - MONGOS.

 My rating for the vegetable soup = 8 of 10.

 Sizzling SMALL BANGUS was spectacularly delish.  I love fish and I heartily loved that smoke/grilled type of cooking.  My rating for this dish = 10 of 10

 The COWRIE PINAKBET was edibly awesome!  Obviously, my rating is 10 of 10.

 Another soup, this one is my all-time favorite soup - SINIGANG BABOY = 10 of 10.

 GRILLED PORK BELLY rating is 8 of 10.  I love grilled, but the taste is close to the usual, nothing special.

PANCIT GUISADO - this is my parents' favorite.  My rating is 8 of 10.

You may wonder what were our thirst quenchers, I was not successful in taking photos of those beverages.  But it was a mix of soda and hot and cold fruit juices.

My overall rating for the restaurant: food + ambiance + services = 8 of 10.
It's not about the food. My slight complaint is on the place which was quite cramped.  Serving was not speedy but our hunger that time was still manageable.

 This particular branch of HUKAD is located at South Town Centre, 285 Cebu South Road, Talisay City, 6045.
Store Hours: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm

Eat good food, everyday!


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