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What / Where I Ate - Vue Dine and Drink

We frequent the island of Mactan on weekends as we send off our dad to the airport usually on Sunday afternoon for his flight back to Bacolod City in Negros Occidental.  As our usual time of getting on the island is between 2:00-3:00 o'clock in the afternoon, we always end up searching for restaurants or fast-food chains to feed our growling stomachs.

We planned ahead that we will take a visit at a resto bar located at the Cebu Yacht Club, which is called VUE Dine & Drink.

Overlooking the yachts that were unlimitedly docked.  Great view, isn't it?

The time we arrived was too early for dinner, so we had our snacks and here's our selection.

The earliest to arrive at our table was the Potato Fries.  Not your typical fast-food fries, say McDonalds / Jollibee, as the fries were not completely peeled.  Taste was a so-so, price was Php 80.00 per serving.  My rating: 7 of 10.

My mom and my forever food buddy and I love green salads, and so we did not miss this Garden Salad.  Price is Php 190.00 per serving and my rating is 8 of 10.

This was my sister's order: Philly Cheesesteak - a thinly sliced US Angus beef and caramelized onion sandwich, with potato fries as side dish.  Price is Php 220.00, I was able to taste this and my personal rating is 7 of 10.

Another salad that we ordered was something that me and my forever food buddy was really curious about was the Smoked Salmon Salad.  It was a mixed greens plus smoked salmon, tomatoes, white cheese and olives in balsamic vinaigrette.  Price is Php 240.00 and my rating is 9 of 10.  I loved the melange of everything raw and the sourness + saltiness of the condiment.

And for the sweets, Crepe Rocky Road! I am not a super fan of crepes nor ice cream, so my rating for this is hmm... 6 of 10, the ice cream have molten quite fast than my every bite and chew.  But the taste of the crepe + the sweets was more than acceptable though. Price is Php 140.00

This is what I wore on this food trip in Mactan island. My family and I are now looking forward to our next visit at the Vue, and maybe with my dad by then.

Vue Dine & Drink is located at the Cebu Yacht Club, Quezon 1, Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan, Cebu

Eat good food and Live in style, everyday!


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