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What / Where I Ate - Pink Heaven Bakeshop & Bistro

A new food haven discovery, though few months older now, is the PINK HEAVEN Bakeshop and Bistro in Talisay City, Cebu.  Frankly, I did not expect to find something like this in that city.  It was still morning time and we had an annual check-up for our dear car.  Queue was quite long and I was hungry, as usual.  We were at an advantage since there was a commercial strip which was a block away from where we have the car checked.  And there we discovered that heaven is also colored in pink.

I highly favor the color pink and so upon seeing the signage, I was totally intrigued.  We opted this bistro over the familiar fast-food chain which ran adjacent.

 The pink color was conspicuous. The eating tables and chairs were wooden and reminded me of grade school years. The place was engaging which made me more excited to scan through their menu.

See the photos below for the foods that we ordered for our breakfast slash brunch.

While waiting for our food, we were served with Complementary bread and whipped butter.

My forever food buddy's order: OMELETTE PLATTER - Php 170.00
The menu described this dish as a creamy and tasteful omelette with a mix of spinach, different cheese and other vegetables complemented with toasted bread and whipped butter.

You may have known from my previous posts, that despite some of the foods being featured from the different restaurants / eateries I have dined are not my personal choice, but I must take a bite and meticulously savor and evaluate the taste of the dish for my food rating.

The omelette tasted terrific, but the toasted bread was a typical one.  My rating for the dish is 8 of 10.

And this was my choice: CHICKEN KEBAB WRAP - Php 165.00
You can find this dish under the "Sandwich" list in the menu.
I was not impressed because the meat was ardous to slice, more so to chew.  It was an unconvenient wrap and the taste was close to stark.  But I had to eat almost everything because I was really starving that time.  My rating: 6 of 10

A gulp and a burp with ice-cold  Coca-cola drink almost always turns a disgruntled stomach tickled pink.

    South Coast Center, National Highway, Talisay City, 6045 Cebu

    Eat good food, everyday!


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