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What / Where I Ate - Breakfast at Jollibee

We had the chance to be out and about in the early hours in the morning to drive our dad to the airport.  It has been a sort of routine on almost every Monday dawn.  And part of that routine is a super early breakfast at any Jollibee branches in the metro, as Jollibee is my mom's favorite fast food and we certainly agree to her preference.

There's more to love at Jollibee, thanks to its founder Tony Tan, the brand and their foods and the experience that people get already a part of the Filipino tradition.  See HERE for Jollibee's milestones through the years.

Here's what we ordered for our breakfast.

PANCAKES2-piece moist pancakes served with maple syrup.

A delicious combination of garlic rice, fried egg, and meaty hotdog.

BEEF TAPAA delicious combination of garlic rice, fried egg, and tender beef tapa.

Each choice of breakfast joy meal is served with either hot choco drink or any cold soda or pineapple drink.

This particular branch of Jollibee is located at V. Rama Ave., cor. R. Duterte St., Guadalupe, Cebu City.

Eat good food, everyday!


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