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My Kitchen Adventures: Episode 2 - Garlic Butter Squid Balls

We had dined at Rico's Lechon (near Ayala, now closed) and I had to order one of their appetizers as I was famished.  What I ordered was "garlic butter squid balls". It was a bit pricey as we can buy squid ball sticks at 20 pesos from street eateries and  a bowl of that order was around Php 140.00 pesos for 12-14 pieces (not so sure). But anyway, the first bite of their squid balls have instantly deleted those cost grumbles.  Oh, it was just so delicious, according to my judgment.

And since, the appetizer seemed pretty easy to re-create, so I had to closely analyze and memorize the melange of tastes in every nibble for my future reference once the time will come that I will itch for this dish.

And as my craving never ceased, I had to prepare my own version, taking inspiration from that one memorable meal at Rico's Lechon.

Episode 2:

The ingredients are so simple and readily available in the kitchen.

You will need:
1.) a handful of peeled and minced  / crushed garlic
2.) butter
3.) squid balls (slice into half)

 i love the taste and odor of cooked garlic, that is why, I put a handful of it so that its strong, spicy taste would definitely surface.

Aside from the simple ingredients, the cooking steps are undemanding and needs little time to prepare.  Why not try it on your next kitchen sessions?  The recipe is easy on the budget too. You can have this for snacks or as main dish for breakfast, lunch or even dinner.  This recipe is a street food, upgraded for home dining.

Prepare and eat good food, everyday!


  1. how can i cook this recipe.. please post procedures.. thanks


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