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What / Where I Ate in Mandaue Ctiy, Cebu, Philippines - MISTER DONUT

I have always repeatedly announced in my blog(s) - here and THERE, that I love the taste of the doughnuts in Mister Donut in Bangkok, Thailand.  So, when we passed by a newly built stand alone Mister Donut cafe in Mandaue City, that got my nerves very thrilled.

The coffee in a mug in their promotional streamers inside the cafe was something new to my sight.  My forever food buddy instantly ordered for the coffee (well, he is a caffeine "junkie").

 The place was really small, can accommodate less than 15 people or maybe even less than 10 only, though most who went in opted for the take-away services.

 I was expecting that the cafe might be quite different from the usual ones already existent here in the country because of the Japanse characters on the signboard.  I have reasearched about Mister Donut and there I found out that it originated and founded in the United States of America in 1956 but now headquartered in Japan.  So my expectation for the taste, soared uber high because of the Japanese characters and thought that it may bear the Japanese rendition.

 And I ordered for the doughnuts, the chocolates were my choices.  Though I already have tasted the doughnuts from Mister Donut here in my country, but I was still crossing my fingers and with the high hopes of finally tasting Bangkok Mister Donut here in Cebu.

 And guess what? What? I was frustrated but then again some part of my was also thinking that the doughnuts' taste would still be Filipino rendition, and I was somehow correct.  I am not saying that the Philippines' rendition of Mister Donut is not good, however, that in Bangkok, Thailand is just ultimately amazing and irresistible and mouthwatering.

This particular branch is located along M.C. Briones Street, Mandaue City.

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