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What / Where I Ate - Swensen's in Bangkok

Ice cream and sundae's is not my most favorite kind of dessert, but when the main reason is to quench the almost parched throat due to heat ( either because of the climate of the day or because of having eaten hot spices), I am certainly on the go for something sweet and cold!


America's Favorite Ice Cream Since 1948

Back to our shopping adventure at the Victory Monument, if you could remember we had our lunch at KFC in Center One Shopping Complex, see HERE.  Since our lunch was most especially hot, we craved for something cold and sweet at the same time.  Good that there's an Ice Cream and Sundae parlor on the second floor of the complex, called SWENSEN'S.

This was my choice: Mr. San Babies because i found them so cute in the picture, so I had to see them for real and taste it too.

My forever travel buddy loves durian, so he ordered this: Durian Mon Thong Boat.

I am not a fan of bananas and the ice cream's taste were just so-so.  
My rating for my order was 6 of 10.

Travel, Eat good food and Live in style, everyday!


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