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What / Where I Ate - Chinese Ngohiong

If you are from Cebu City, definitely you have tasted or even heard of the famous, because it is delectable, CHINESE NGOHIONG.

Aside from being affordable, these crispy ngohiong are mouth-watering and so delectable.  From among the array of eateries selling their own version of the famous ngohiong, only the ones from CHINESE NGOHIONG are my favorite.

There are only two branches of CHINESE NGOHIONG here in Cebu City: (1) along Junquera Street near USC Main Campus, and (2) at the back of Gaisano Main Department Store - as pictured above.

The combination of these two condiments, the black one is a soy sauce while the orange one is the thick spicy sauce, makes Chinese Ngohiong's ngohiong worth coming back over and over again.  

The ngohiongs are best eaten with "puso" or its English term, hanging rice.  As for me, I can consume 5-6 "puso" with one ngohiong. (f.y.i - I am a rice-eater)

Of course, be prepared with uber-cold drinks!


This blog post originally published on September 20, 2015.  Few weeks after, I read through  SunStar Cebu newspaper and they have come up with a list they call as BEST OF CEBU for the current year (f.y.i - they started on 2014).  I got the email address from the newspaper and did not hesitate to email the products and services that I believe are worth-promoting because also these are truly Cebuano.

One of the products / establishments I nominated is the yummiest NGOHIONG from CHINESE NGOHIONG.

See below my email to Sun Star on October 4, 2015, they did acknowledge my email and sent a reply on October 9, 2015.

Hi SunStar Cebu,

I am ________ from Cebu City.
I would like to nominate the following in the different categories for Best of Cebu 2015

1.) Best NGOHIONG in Cebu
...CHINESE NGOHIONG located at the back of Gaisano Main Department Store and near USC Main.
Please click on the link as I featured it in my blog

Reply from Sun Star:
Hi ________,

Thank you for your nominees. I have forwarded your email to the Best of Cebu panel for consideration.

All the best,


Noel S. Villaflor

Weekend Editor
Sun.Star Cebu 

Sun.Star Building
P. Del Rosario St., Cebu City, Philippines 6000
Tel: (032) 2546100 local 215

And fortunately, under the PEOPLE'S CHOICE Category, my nomination made it!
See HERE.  I do not know if other Cebuanos have also nominated but I felt so overwhelmed and accomplished that the people of Cebu do identify and patronize Chinese Ngohiong's Ngohiong which resulted to a recognition as the BEST NGOHIONG 2015.

Keep up with your sumptuous yet affordable recipe for the best Ngohiong in town.

-- updated on February 8, 2016 --

Eat good food, and Live in style, everyday!


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