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What / Where I Ate - Eating My Favorites

I could remember I have these series of posts of the foods I ate at restaurants and fast food chains.  And I am bringing it back on again as the 2014 has just kicked off.

I visited these shops straight in a day.
7-Eleven Convenience Store sprung up like mongo sprouts.  Downtown, uptown, 7-Eleven is existing anywhere.
While waiting for my shopping buddy, I read  my photography magazine (hoping to learn the basics - which I should have learned long long time ago) which I brought along.  I bought my favorite pretzel choco-almond coated sticks - PEPERO, sipped some NESTLE mango yogurt drink and NATURE's SPRING alkaline water.
By lunch time we decided to drop by BTC and opted for Dimsum Break to fill in our growling tummies.
One of the best goodies in Dimsum Break (or at Harbour Dimsum or Ding Qua Qua) is their SIAOMAI.
Together with my Siaomai is the Spicy Steamed Rice.  I'm so glad that the spicy variant is back!

We went to SM after lunch.  And lately I'm loving these belgian waffles.  The smell so attracts my gastronomic desires and so is the taste, oh so yummy. 

 What I love the most is the Hazelnut Waffle.

Let's now talk about my outfit.
I'm dressing-up again a t-shirt.  This violet tee is from GUESS which was gifted by my sister.  I wore it with my paisley low-hi hem pleat skirt.  This skirt was gifted by my mom. Tucked the tee on to the skirt and cinched it with my garterized belt from LANDMARK. 
The peach bag is RIVER ISLAND, gifted by my cousin in London.  I'm loving sneakers for over a year now, and I remove the shoelaces when wearing them.  I'm so into this JUICE gold pair that I bought from SM.

I'm starting the year wearing a hint of this year's color: Radiant Orchid, see my shirt and my shades are in violet.

Have a happy weekend!


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