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What / Where I Ate - Blue Elephant

We opted to stroll around AsiaTown IT Park and have dinner at The Walk while my parents and I waited for my sister until 9pm last night.  It was a Friday night and the park was jam-packed with cars and all sorts of people.  It was almost 7pm when we arrived there.  My mom wanted to eat Bryan's Baby Backribs at Casa Verde, remember this post? but I told her we will try another eatery, and there I discovered 

Elephants greet you upon entry to the restaurant.  I believe this is owned by the proprietors of Siam and Krua Thai.

cute bar counter

Here are our orders for the night:
apologizing for the grainy photos

 Mama Noodle Soup - my rating: 9
I'm giving it a nine since I am tasting "that" ingredient that i sort of abhor in Thai cuisine, but anyway "that" made the noodle tasted authentic.
My Dad really loved the soup!

 Sauted Mixed Vegetables in Oyster Sauce - my rating: perfect 10
Love the taste and the crunchiness of the veggies, f.y.i. I'm not an oyster-sauce-person but omg, this time I was fooled.  I ate and ate and sipped and sipped the sauce then I asked my mom, what is this made of? She simply replied - Oyster sauce - My mom really loved this and me too.

 Stuffed Eggplant with Ground Pork - my rating: 8

 Sizzling Gambas - my rating: another perfect 10!
It's like a hobby to me, if I can really remember though, that I get to order, most of the time, Gambas, anywhere we dine.  So glad, Blue Elephant has one.  And indeed I asked the waiter if there gambas is a best-seller and he proudly said yes.

Love how the shrimps were cooked, the chunkiness of the chilies and other spices.  And the pungency of the chili oozes with perfection plus the taste of the paste and its texture...everything is just really well-blended, well-cooked, well-seasoned.

 And we were amazed as to how they presented their plain rice.  Not as we expected.

 More elephants...

 And the glass for the service water is pretty cute (not your ordinary glass of water), and the menu, unique form!  Blue Elephant is so full of surprises.

Apart from good food, nice ambiance, well their goodies are reasonably-priced!

over-all rating for the resto: 10

I will really find time to visit and dine Blue Elephant, since it's not as accessible as those restaurants in the malls.

  I'm full of excitement to taste the rest of their recipes.

Do visit Blue Elephant! It's more than worth a try!  


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