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Australian and Korean Cuisines

In a week, we dined at two restaurants of two different countries-cultures-cuisines.

1.) CANVAS BISTRO BAR GALLERY at the Terraces in Ayala.

I was with my family and it was our first time at the bistro.  We do not have any idea what to order.  I have no pre-gathered reviews of the restaurant.  So I asked the lady, who attended to our table, as to which would be their best-seller.  She replied: Pork Medallion with Tiger Prawn and Pesto Fettuccine.  So I ordered it.  See the picture just right below.

 We got a taste of their pasta and steak.

What I like in this bistro is that they serve healthy drinks such as Cranberry Juice and some tonic mixes.

 and they do serve garlic bread as appetizers??

 It is a gallery indeed with walls filled with framed jewelries from some jewelry artists.
And the bistro inspired me to start my own collection of HATS!
Got to leave you with this link for some Australian cuisine info:  

My review of the restaurantI usually give ratings to the restaurants  we dined at and to the foods we ate there. However, in this particular post, since we left the bistro with our tummy full but gastronomically dissatisfied, so I'd rather not give ratings in numbers but express them with candid words.  I do not know if this review will be the same with others who have eaten at the bistro, but since I tasted all the food we ordered, so I got to comment that the food tasted: bland...maybe because it is not Filipino-cooked-and-flavored and my taste buds were quite ignorant.  We paid for about 2,000 pesos, glad that I have two 'groupons' that saved us 800 pesos.  Our experience gave us a lesson, "Once is Enough."

2.) KOREYUM at the ground floor of Robinson's Cybergate Mall.

This gigantic frame greets you, with Lee Min Ho and some famous Korean actors.

They serve kimchi for free!  I am always interested to taste kimchi, and is something that I would love to eat again and again.

Others who have already tried on some Korean resto said that most of the food are served really hot, hot meaning CHILLI-fied (flavored with all types of chilli).  But then in Koreyum they can serve their noodles either non-chili, mild or extremely hot.

 Got to leave you again some wikipedia fact on Korean cuisine:  

My review of the restaurantThe presence of orange (carrots) and greens (cabbage, etc.) on all the foods we ordered made it quite boring , though healthy but seemingly soo redundant.  Anyway, the foods tasted almost exactly the same.  Only the KIMCHI made a difference, it spiced up the Koreyum experience. Just like Canvas, we left the resto tummy-full but with taste buds craving for something that oozes with flavor.  We paid everything for about P1,000 pesos, quite expensive for a not so memorable dinner. Lesson learned: "It was not the best Korean resto, so I'd not stop looking for one."

Hope to have shared you something worth considering.


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