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The Hungry Stomach: Salted and Hot

I have always gigantic interest in good food. 
When I say - good - the food should quench my gustatory cravings...
and since, I cannot always have it that way,
that is when I learned to raid our food storage and conquer the kitchen!

I collectively call my recipes as

 Recipe#1:  Salted and Hot

the 'exposed' ingredients:
olive oil (or any vegetable oil); onion (white or purple); tomatoes (ripe! most prefered), CHILI PEPPER:  
bell, Bird's eye (labuyo), green Chili de arbol (espada), red tien tsin (kulikot), jalapeño;
and dried bay leaves


dehydrated salted fish (buwad pinikas), medium sized and pretty-clean-looking, of course


sumptuous dish that satisfies the cravings for sodium chloride and capsaicin

this serves 4 -6 persons


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View my food journey on Zomato!

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