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What/Where I Ate - Red Kimono

Red Kimono is located only at The Terraces - Ayala Center here in Cebu City.
Honestly, I do not like Japanese food, but I was partly thrilled at the thought of having dinner in this restaurant.  Maybe because I got hold of that promo card and coupons 'they' (advertising pips hired for Red Kimono promotions) offered to us at the office earlier that afternoon last August 25, 2010.

Salmon Cream n' Cheese Roll

the freebie: Ebi Maki

I forgot the name of this food but it did taste good that's why i gave it an eight (8).

Chicken Terriyaki Bento, rated it half from the perfect score since I think  Rai-RaiKen's version of this bento is much tastier.

we dined alfresco so I got to capture the changing lights of this 5-leaf roof

I somewhat matched to the restaurant's theme colors: Red and Black
wearing a cropped D&G long-sleeve top with red/white/black rhinestones
and a pair of red flats with micro polka dots in black

my 'silver-wares' for the night
and white gold diamond rings
How was your Red Kimono dining experience?


  1. amazing! you're a Cebuana blogger?
    wala pa ko ka try sa red kimono, but by the looks sa food and from the rating you gave, i think i'm gonna try it there some time.

    weeee i'm following you via Google now. :D

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