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What/Where I Ate - PINO Filipino Cuisine

It was August 1, 2010 and I spent this day with my usual weekend companions, my family: dad & mom, plus a newbie. Went malling, as usual and we had dinner at one of the EAYC's (Eat-All-You-Can) here in the city: PINO Filipino Cuisine.  Since it was dinner, Php/head was at 350 inclusive of an unlimited iced tea.  Our meal was sumptuous but we have to traverse their staircase since we were just walk-ins and the ground floor was already filled with reservations.  
Overall rating for the EAYC house: 9

ambiance at the 2nd floor

female wash room

But I was not able to take pictures of the great goodies we ate.

30 minutes earlier before arriving at PINO, we were in Ayala and got a glimpse of
Charlie Green 
and we listened to his music for a while.  
Then got to talk to her mommy too, who is a Cebuana.


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