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What/Where I Ate - Shanghai 2010

This post begins my collection of pictures of the f-o-o-d-s I ate from various fast food chains or restaurants.
I am giving my personal rating of those foods i have tasted in the respective eateries,
with ten (10) as the highest.
The pictures below were from our travel in Shanghai last June.
(sad, since I was not able to remember the names of the dishes)

Cafe de Coral at Super Brand Mall 5th floor- Lujiazui Lu 168, Pudong, Shanghai
the sunny-side up makes it quite good, I was hungry then so I almost completely consume everthing on my platter, my drinks? i could not remember what was it

Yoshinoya at 479 Nanjing Road (E), Shanghai
got amazed though with the extra large soda, everything else was tasteless,
but I  really have to eat because I was already starving
 I doubted if this was finally an authentic Chinese street local food chain since my side dish included Kimchi-like (or it tasted really like kimchi).  My drinks was milk tea - at first, ewe (since I'm not used to it) but later it also saved the meal (thanks to the Kimchi also) since my main dish tasted ''nothing''.  Since as usual I got caught by my starvation, so I have to eat or else...  still striving to get my tummy full with my number one eating tool in China: chopsticks!


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