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What / Where I Ate in Buena Park, California, U.S.A. - IN-N-OUT BURGER

"American food" is best represented by HAMBURGER, agree?
This famous kind of sandwich which has a byname - BURGER is typically sold in fast-food restaurants, and even nowadays, high-end restaurants are serving them too.

If you visit California, and you are a typical eater, i.e. you eat fast-foods too, dare not to forget to have a bite of California's pride when it comes to burgers: 

Finally, finally, I was not just hearing how famous were these burgers at In-N-Out but then I had the greatest chance that moment to activate my being a food critic and to indulge in the lusciousness of this heaven-on-earth treat.

This particular branch of In-N-Out Burger was not spacious enough to accommodate hundreds of hungry eaters.  But since the restaurant is fast-food, hence, the act of eating is expected to be in sort of a haste too.  You cannot afford to delay every chewing and swallowing and gulping moves as people were flocking every now and then.  But the experience of having to dine at In-N-Out  Burger was worth reminiscing and repeating!

Seemingly just a regular size burger but the patty, the veggies and the condiments (they call it "Special Sauce") were overflowing! And the taste was superb, ultimately mouth-watering!  And if you want hot and spicy sensations to kick-in your mouth, chew on that unlimited mini jalapeƱos, they're a must for chili lovers (which I did too).

The fries were served too much for my appetite and the drinks, which they again referred to as regular size was a giant for me.

My Ratings:
Fast-food Chain Concept = 10 of 10
Menu Options = 10 of 10 
(minimal but definitely enough, burgers are the heart of this fast-food)
Food Serving Size = 10 of 10
Burger Taste = 10 of 10
Overall Food Taste = 10 of 10
Fast-food Chain Lay-Out and Interior Designing = 8 of 10
Size of Restaurant = 7 of 10
Counter Lay-Out = 9 of 10
Restaurant Lighting = 10 of 10 
(thanks to the large clear glass windows)
Ambiance = 9 of 10 (typical of a fast-food)
Services of Staff = 9 of 10 
Money Value = 10 of 10 
( mainly because of the food taste and food serving size)

OVERALL RATING = 100% Recommended

This is a California experience that should not be missed!

See this video from Wil Dasovich, HERE... when in California, eat at IN-N-OUT BURGER!

Photos were taken using Samsung S Duos cell phone.

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