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What / Where I Ate in Anaheim, California, U.S.A. - MCDONALD'S

For our breakfasts in the next remaining days of the expo, we decided to head over to a more affordable breakfast house as we needed to stretch on our budget for food.  McDONALD'S was our ultimate choice.

DAY 2 of the Expo

I was hugely fired up with the thought of having the chance to eat McDonald's from its home court.  Of course, almost everyone knows that McDonald's originated in the United States of America and that morning was the best chance for me to finally taste the real deal.

By the way, have you seen The Founder movie released this year? It is a story about McDonald's, its origin and success through the years.  If you ask me, I have not seen the whole movie but have a number of sightings with the teaser  / promotional videos.

They have indicated stations at the counter for order and pick-up which gives organization within the customers in queue.

I never set expectations for the menu options, maybe because I anticipated that the offerings would definitely differ, which would highly include the taste, compared to the Philippines and with other countries.  With my food experiences of similar fast-food franchises across other countries, variations rely primarily on the issue of regional differences and territorial preferences which are also highly influenced by culture and with the resources at hand.

Drinks are unlimited and self-service.

My memory cannot download tonight for the name of this dish.  Sorry.  I bet the name would have sounded Mexican by the look on the ingredients of the dish.

My Ratings:
Fast-food Chain Concept = 10 of 10
Menu Options = 7 of 10 (no rice, lol)
Food Serving Size = 10 of 10 (everything is large for me, even though it is their regular size)
Overall Food Taste = 7 of 10
Fast-food Chain Lay-Out and Interior Designing = 9 of 10
Counter Lay-Out = 10 of 10
Restaurant Lighting = 9 of 10 
(thanks to the large clear glass windows)
Ambiance = 7 of 10
Services of Staff = 8 of 10 
Money Value = 7 of 10 
( since I cannot consume everything and it seems I am throwing money with those leftovers)

This particular branch of McDonald's is located in Anaheim, California.

Photos taken using Samsung S Duos cellphone.

Travel, and Eat good food, everyday!


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