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i Travel and Eat - A Day in Bohol

My parents were born and raised in Bohol.  Since the island is 45 minutes - 1 hour away, by fast craft ride, from Cebu City, there are usually unplanned visits to their hometown.  My forever food and travel buddy and I decided to tag along with our parents one Saturday in Bohol.

This living room is my favorite part of our house in Bohol.  Windows are everywhere which allows natural light and fresh air to flow inside the house.  The neutral colors makes the room appears country and imparts a homey vibe.

We were welcomed with fresh produce from the backyards of my aunts, who were our neighbors also in Bohol - extra large bananas and freshly-picked unripe Indian  mangoes!

For lunch, we had seafoods.  I love anything grilled.  Seeing these grilled tiger prawns and grilled fishes on the table made my heart ecstatic.  

For afternoon snacks, we went out to buy bread at a bakeshop in the town center.  We brought home these delicously baked Ensaymada from Patty Bakeshop (also baking here in Cebu City).

And for dinner, we headed out to the town center, where a stretch of barbeque stalls were lined just beside the town's park.  Something grilled again for dinner!  We ordered for barbeque pork, chorizo, isaw, chick, hanging rice and Coca-cola, what a perfect match for street food dining.

Travel and Eat good food, everyday!


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