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Welcome to I DRESS-UP AND EAT!

Today, I made a quite substantial decision. 
Imagine, creating a new blog. 
That's what I just did. 
The blog is new,but the initial set of posts are not, especially the last 55 posts since they are extracted from my current blog, which focuses on personal style and fashion - I Dress-up And Sleep

I have thought this over. 
And today, is a remarkable day, as I unveil my new blog which focuses about food, my adventures in the kitchen and some travels (with food) in between.  But after all of the bunch of imported posts are published, I assure you, the next in will all be crisp and garden-fresh.

I welcome you to I DRESS-UP AND EAT

(It was originally named as Food CyEcle on November 2, 2015 but I decided to change it, to be closely associated still with my passion on personal style, so I changed it on December 30, 2015)

Enjoy my gastronomic adventures as I take you to the restaurants and any form of eateries that I have stepped foot on and to the melange of foods that I have tasted from these food establishments. 

 Hang on, let't get that hungry stomach, full!

 Eat good food, everyday!


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View my food journey on Zomato!

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