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What / Where I Ate: Oyster Bay

I have been hearing about OYSTER BAY in Mandaue City some few years back through my sister.  However, it was only last year that we have finally dined in this seafood haven.  This set of photos were taken just this year, during our second chance to have lunch in the restaurant.

The ambiance of the restaurant somewhat replicates that of a tropical diner where green foliage and pristine sands are conspicuously landscaped.  The restaurant offers two dining options: air-conditioned indoor setting or alfresco.

 I am now reviving my fondness for rating the foods I have eaten in restaurants.  This is just a personal opinion and the scores are highly dependent on my taste buds' usual preferences.  But definitely, I am quite confident that I am, had and will be giving justice to the ones who have prepared the foods.  One thing's really for sure, I love to eat and I love good food!

The HALAAN SOUP - it is a sea shell soup.   The taste is nostalgic as it reminds me of my mom's own homemade version of this recipe.  Anyway, I am giving it a score of 10 (10/10). 
One order of the soup costs PhP 150.00, the taste is worth the price. 

Rice is always a staple Filipino food.  In the absence of rice in a meal, it becomes too arduous to fill in an empty stomach.  We opted for a not-so-normal rice, meaning, not plain rice.  OYSTER BAY offers an array of rice recipes that are uniquely contained in bamboo wood upon being served on the table.  They call this partiucuar rice recipe as CHORIZO BAMBOO RICE.

Appetizers can actually serve as the main course since it can also fill in a growling tummy.  The KINILAW NA TANGIGUE is an all-time favorite.  

 In this set of photos, it made me realized that we never ordered a main course. Lol.  Like I said above, the appetizer can double as the main course.  Despite its "role" in a set of menu, the appetizer still enters the body through the mouth, being digested in the stomach, passes through the intestines and finds its way out within hours from its entry.  Well anyway,  since the restaurant's name is based on one of the most popular seafood appetizers, we ordered it in my most favorite manner of cooking: BAKED OYSTERS with Cheese and Garlic.

Since my discovery with FROZEN ICED TEA, this was my choice of drinks for that lunch. It costs PhP 70.00 per goblet.

OYSTER BAY's menu is a well-thought menagerie of delectable Filipino dishes and whose main core ingredients are the edible creatures of the sea.

My rating for the BAKED OYSTERS with Cheese and Garlic: 8 of 10
Price per single serving is PhP 235.00.

My rating for the KINILAW NA TANGIGUE: 7 of 10; though they have all the rights (they definitely have the prerogative) to not put coconut cream, and just used vinegar and spices, I still wished it had coconut cream on it.  Price is at PhP 180.00 per serving.

The CHORIZO BAMBOO RICE was somehow new to my taste but was surprisingly delish, and the presentation has some ingenuity to it which is a bonus.  So my rating is 9 out of 10.  One order of this is priced at PhP 175.00.

If you have been craving for anything seafood, OYSTER BAY is the ultimate quencher.

OYSTER BAY is located at  #143 Plaridel St., Alang-alang, Mandaue City, Cebu

Eat good food, and Live in style, everyday!


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